Dobre - Family care in one click

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Share that everything is Fine with your family and friends in one click.

“Dobre” is a free safety monitoring app for your loved ones that automatically sends your safety status to your contacts so they can ensure everything is okay. With “Dobre,” you can spend your time at ease knowing your loved ones are safe. The app works even with poor connectivity and does not require activation—you can respond to safety status inquiries simply by clicking on the notification on your phone.

The app has a simple functionality and takes up less than 2.8 MB, making it very user-friendly. “Dobre” is completely anonymous and does not store any user data other than their username. You can select your own safety status check intervals to avoid excessive notifications. If you do not update your status on time, all your contacts will receive a notification of potential danger.

Regular phone calls and messages can be too intrusive and interfere with important tasks. With the “Dobre” app, you can provide safety to your loved ones without interrupting your work or having to engage in mundane conversations. In addition, the “Dobre” app works on all mobile devices, making it available for use anywhere and anytime. Remember, “Dobre” is a responsibility and care for the safety and well-being of your loved ones.

The “Dobre” app is also perfect for people in occupied territories, military personnel, and others who want to monitor the safety of their loved ones. Our project was created on a volunteer basis by Ukrainians for Ukrainians, and we greatly value your feedback on “Dobre.”

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